We’re bringing autonomous passenger car services to London

Endeavour is a U.K. pilot of a new passenger service using autonomous cars, designed to prove whether such a service could be made commercial and scaled up for wider public use from 2021. It is being delivered by a Government backed project consortium, led by the trusted Addison Lee Group brand.

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Delivering autonomous ride-sharing

How can next-generation technology and services provide solutions to today's urban issues of congestion, emissions and accessibility?

To deliver new mobility services in the United Kingdom and beyond.

  • Demonstrate British capabilities and technologies to global audience
  • Pave the way and set global standards for next-generation mobility services

Autonomous vehicles

Meet transport needs and locations which traditional modes of travel do not address.

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Helps tackle congestion by reducing the number of single occupancy cars on the road.

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Hybrid technology uses a battery-driven, electric motor, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Introducing Endeavour

Endeavour is the culmination of British innovation and technology to deliver autonomous ride-share vehicles, starting in London. The technology has been developed by Oxbotica, the award-winning, Oxford-based, autonomous vehicle software company. The passenger service is delivered by the London founded, global leader in premium ground transportation, Addison Lee Group.

In order to benefit London as a whole, DG Cities is leading on the city design and public education, while Nominet is protecting the service from potential cyber threats. Lastly, Immense Simulations is looking at how to optimise the service to benefit the capital and roll out to other cities in the UK and beyond. Meet the full consortium, our sponsors and advisors here.


Endeavour fleet

British innovation, developed by Oxbotica, to bring a fleet of 10 Ford Mondeo autonomous vehicles to London by 2020.



Electrification means that the service
will be environmentally sustainable.



Fully autonomous vehicle in
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Integrated app

Endeavour's autonomous ride-sharing service will be integrated and available to book on the Addison Lee app, so long as journeys are within the London Borough of Greenwich catchment area.

In future, our aim is to roll the service out to more people and places in London and beyond.