Endeavour pilot Greenwich

How can next-generation technology and services provide solutions to today's urban issues of congestion, emissions and accessibility?

Next-generation mobility services

Autonomous ride-sharing offers multiple advantages. The "sharing" aspect helps tackle congestion by incentivising people out of private cars. Electrification means that the service will be environmentally sustainable. And by addressing an existing transport needs current driven modes do not address, the project will contribute to social inclusion and economic regeneration.

As well as helping potential service operators, this project will aim to inform regulators and policy makers as they deliver the Government's Future of Mobility strategy and ensure future policy benefits from the latest Connected and Autonomous (CAV) knowledge. Through this approach we believe that we will help shape and build the market (the demand side) for the CAV sector in the UK and beyond.

The Endeavour project presents an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate UK Connected and Autonomous capabilities and technologies to a global audience and will pave the way for leading UK service operators, technology providers and cities to set the global standard for next-generation mobility services.


Autonomous vehicles

Meet transport needs and locations which traditional modes of travel do not address.


Helps tackle congestion by reducing the number of single occupancy cars on the road.



Hybrid technology uses a battery-driven, electric motor, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Get there safely

The safety of our passengers is our number one priority. You will be joined by a safety driver and safety operator to ensure you reach your destination safely.

Innovative, technology-led solutions

Developing new solutions is critical. Simulations of autonomous ride-sharing services, such as MERGE Greenwich, highlighted that, unless next-generation services are designed and implemented appropriately, they could lead to an increase in emissions and congestion of up to 52%.

Endeavour’s real-world pilot, which uses tried and tested autonomous vehicles from an earlier government-backed project called DRIVEN, will focus on complementing, rather than competing with, existing public transport, by targeting private car users and passengers in poorly connected areas.


Autonomous ride-share pilots in the London Borough of Greenwich

Endeavour's pilot will be the largest in Europe, operating over 12 months with a fleet of up to 10 Ford Mondeo vehicles, capable of SAE Level 4. The aim is to carry out 25,000 passenger trips and prepare to launch a service which is viable commercially, for customers and for the city. Once tried and tested in London, the full-scale CAV passenger service will be rolled-out to other UK cities and exported.

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